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A Steamy, Sweet, Instalove Romance


Mason and Sherry grew up in Edgewater Falls. He is the gorgeous firefighter who worships Sherry from afar. She is the girl who gets around town who thinks Mason is too good for her. Will she allow herself to be loved by the man who wants her for who she is and not for her body?

Sherry: I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never have a meaningful relationship. Men only want one thing from me. When Mason asks me out, I know he is just looking for a one-night stand. But he says he wants something more. I do not know if I believe him.

Mason: Sherry is beautiful. I have always thought so. But she does not believe it herself. I know about her reputation, but I do not care. I want more than just something physical.

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A Steamy, Sweet, Instalove Romance


Rathe and Sydney have known each other forever. She is his best friend's sister and has always worshipped him from afar. When Rathe returns to town, he is blown away by the changes in Sydney. Can he reconcile himself to this new Sydney and give in to his desires or will he keep her at at distance out of respect for his friend?

Rathe: Moving back to Edgewater Falls was the best thing for me. My divorce wreaked havoc on my emotions and I needed a brand new start. Seeing Sydney when I got back to town knocked the wind out of me. She turned into a beautiful, sexy woman. I can barely keep my distance. But I have to stop myself from pursuing her. She is my best friend's sister.

Sydney: I always trailed after my brother and his best friend, Rathe as a kid. Rathe is eight years older than me and also my hero after he risked his life to save mine. Now he is back in town after all these years. I have never been with anyone else; no one can compare to Rathe. But now I finally have my chance. I will make him see we were meant to be together, no matter what I have to do.

An Alpha Male, Sweet Female, Instalove Romance


Their love is all-consuming, undeniable. They are fated to be together. But can she forget her past to be with the one man meant for her?

Sarah: I am wild, out-of-control when I am in Jack's arms. I cannot stop myself, our attraction is too powerful. But I must stay away from him. He is too dangerous for my heart.

Jack: When Sarah and I are together, we go up in flames. She runs away afterward, too afraid to make our relationship more than physical. But I will not let her get away.

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An Alpha Male, Virgin Female, Sweet Instalove Romance


They meet on New Year's Eve, sharing a kiss. She walks out of his life until fate brings them together again. Is she too good to be true or can he trust her with his heart?

Tom: I never met a woman like Rachel. She stole my heart the first night we met. Then she disappeared. I wanted to pursue her until I found out there was someone else.

Rachel: I am caught in a loveless relationship when Tom's kiss rocks my world. I cannot get him out of my mind, or my heart. I want him in my life. When I see him again, I know it is my perfect chance.

An Alpha Male, Virgin Female, Sweet Instalove Romance


He plays the field and has never been in love. She is saving herself for the one she will marry. Will one night of passion ruin their chance for happiness?

Ransom: When I met Beatrice, it was like being struck by lightning. I cannot control my attraction to her. But I have to keep her at arm's length. I will not fall in love and I will never get married, no matter how badly I want her.

Beatrice: Ransom is overwhelming to my senses. One night, and I am lost. Until I found out his terrible secret. And now I have my own.

An Alpha Male, Virgin Female, Sweet Instalove Romance


He wants her back. She cannot trust him. Is their love lost forever?

Liz: I spent the last two years putting my life back together. He broke my heart and shattered my soul. Now he wants to start over. I cannot allow myself to love him again.

Devin: She was the perfect girl and love of my life. Until she destroyed me. I thought I could live without her. Then I saw her again. Now I need her back, no matter what the cost. I have to have her so I will need to forgive her.

Copy of Cape cod sweet instalove romance
Alpha Male, Virgin Female, Sweet Instalove Romances


Second Chances, Ransom, Midnight Embrace Short Story Instalove Romance Bundle

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